Highlights from Germany, Austria and BeNe

Hello again!

Last month I took a trip to Europe where we flew into Frankfurt, Germany and then took a train down to Munich and began our sightseeing.

In Munich we revisited some old faves (Neuschwainstein, Marienplatz, Wirsthaus Ayinger) and some new ones (Linderhof).

From top left to bottom: Linderhof Palace, the gardens, the view of Lake Alpsee and Neuschwanstein

From Munich we headed to Salzburg, followed by Vienna. One of my favorite things in Salzburg was the trip out to see ice caves in Werfen – Eisresienwelt (more on this later). The ice caves were quite a hike to get to, but totally worth it.

The last 3rd of the way up to the cave!

Finishing up our tour of Austria was Vienna, which allowed us to get in a lot of culture.
Above: St. Stephen’s Church and the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Afterwards, we went up north to see Belgium and the Netherlands, which was filled with a bit less walking and more food.

From the top: Mussles at Poules Moules, Belgian waffles, Dutch pancakes, and a coffee break

My thoughts overall: It was a lot of fun, but we were on a crazy train schedule filled with lots of walking (intense hiking up the alps to the point that I got some tendinitis). European food is just better on average, even the fast food places. I would love to spend more time in Vienna and Amsterdam (I would like to spend more time in Europe and on vacation in general). Although, I definitely wouldn’t mind eating more Belgian food.


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