A night arrival in Kyoto with yakisoba

Woah.. It’s April 2015 already. As always, apologies for the lack of updates. So, let me take stock of everything that happened, I got a new job in Austin, TX, turned 25 and moved to Texas. It’s been such a whirlwind, but I’m finally starting to settle in. I’ve been in Austin, TX for just about a month now. So far, I like Austin. it reminds me a lot of the Midwest, but with a southern flare.

Since a lot of things have happened, I’m slowly going to write updates about those things. The first of those is that I went to Japan last December for work, but took a few days to explore Kyoto and Tokyo.

Having never been to Japan before, I wasn’t sure what to go see. Fortunately, Ray was able to come and provided some more “local” knowledge.

He suggested we get the Japan Rail Pass and go see another city besides Tokyo, so we went to Kyoto.
If Kyoto and Tokyo are siblings, then Kyoto is the older and more studious child.

The first day we were in Japan, we took the Narita Express to Tokyo and then transferred to a train to Kyoto. By the time we managed to get in, it was pretty late in the evening so we went to a local chain for some small bites to eat.

I was eagerly awaiting my first meal in Japan, although I think I was also a bit deliriously jet-lagged at the beginning of the meal and just wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep

We ended up ordering some kyoto-style yakisoba and okonomiyaki.

Looking back now, I wish I my stomach had been bigger so that I could have eaten a lot more.

Of course we ordered some dessert afterwards, and this we were in Japan, the dessert was really cute.

I guess it turned out to be not-so-small-bites, because afterwards I was pretty full of food. But, that didn’t stop us from swinging by the local convenience store and buying a bunch of snacks.

Even the stuff from the convenience store is so wonderfully packaged.
On the left is nama yatsuhashi, a Kyoto specialty, and on the right is some rusk, which is kind of tasted like sweet croutons.


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