Fall in Central Park and things I ate while away

Hello again! I feel like a bear that’s just emerged out of the winter hibernation, or in my case, fall hibernation.
Unhappy face because my castle is taking too long to build.

What have I been up to? TBQH, not much. The last couple of months, I’ve been in a bit of a rut. Summer was this wonderful prolonged daydream with its nice weather and days spent strolling the outdoors. When fall came around, I suddenly felt this dread that another year was about to pass me by and that same fear that I had some how squandered my time. I was quite frustrated. October was a busy month in terms of my day job, and I didn’t have a lot of time for creative things. In addition, the past 6 months of eating out because I had no gas was finally starting to catch up to me. You know those terrible days when you wake up and suddenly all your clothes are a bit too tight? Yup, I was going through that all October and the beginning of November. Those feelings of being ugly compounded with frustrations of not having done enough left me feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.

Things I ate, which is probably why I got fatter included:
Red bean matcha toast at Cha An

The works at Xi’an Famous Foods, or rather beef noodle soup and vegetable dumplings. The vegetable dumplings are so good that they’ve converted Ray, who never eats his vegetables.

Grilled cheese at Dominique Ansel. (Not pictured is the plate of pastries on the side, which included a DKA and lots of brioche.)

Fortunately, things started to change a bit, or else I wouldn’t be writing this. Work got slightly less busy; I got my gas back and I started working out more. (I am determined to fit back into my jeans without having to jump around to put them on.)

The first thing I made once I got my gas back was a complete meal of green tea soba with soft boiled egg.
Yes, egg porn.

I guess what changed the most was that I started to think more about what my longer term priorities were and focusing on those. And the things that bothered me in the interim dissolved in my mind when I realized that in a year or two they probably wouldn’t be an issue. For all my cynicism and pessimism, I tried to think a bit more positively and change the things I had control over. I started to feel better.

And so the product of all those internal dialogues and quiet reflections is this post.
When I think back to all those long strolls in Central Park this fall, there is some part of me that quivers at how gorgeous and in-the-present New York is.

Fall in New York is a lovely time.
Sometimes I still feel a bit overwhelmed by the New York, but there’s something about this place that has slowly crept inside me and given me a bit of satisfaction at being here in the center of it all.


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