French Canada Pt 3: No beef to be had with Joe Beef

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Pardon the title of this post. (I really couldn’t help myself.)

I first heard of Joe Beef back when I watched the season 1 of “Mind of a Chef”. It was the episode where David Chang visits Joe Beef and eats the Double Down. At that time, Joe Beef was just a passing thought of delicious and fat decadence stuck between two pieces of foie gras. Then it came up again as a recommendation from a friend of a friend who lives in Montreal. And since I was going to Montreal, I figured, “Why not?”

How do I describe it? It was delightfully light, yet I wouldn’t be surprised if my arteries have become 50% clogged from that dinner. There was no shortage of foie gras and I would definitely eat again.
What’s the place like? It’s got this folk/country feel that reminded me of what hipster take on Appalachia would be like, but I suppose it was really more of a hispter take on the Great North.

The place is small, a bit cramped for Montreal, no? But it’s an intimate atmosphere. However, I ended up waiting an hour when I arrived.
But, I’d say it was worth it. Plus, there are all these cute little shops and cafes around the corner where you can hang out, which makes the wait less miserable (although I’d hate to try waiting that long during the winter).

So if you go, please start with some delicious appetizers to stimulate your appetite (or 开胃 as we like to say in Chinese).
These aren’t these aren’t the star of the meal, but they’re certainly not bad.

For our mains, we ordered lobster spaghetti and the double down (which is really more of an appetizer too, but since it’s so decadent, let’s also call it a main).

The lobster spaghetti was delicious.
Although, I really wouldn’t have minded more lobster in it. It’s actually not as filling or as heavy as I would have liked it, but tasty nonetheless.

And of course the double down.
A few lovely slices of bacon with some cheese between two deep fried slices of foie gras. What more could you want? When you eat, make sure you have a clean napkin at hand, because the fat from the foie gras + bacon will definitely dribble down your chin and onto your hand/lap/table. (I prefer licking my fingers, but some of you are classier than that.)

And to finish our meal, we had some cheddar and maple glazed donuts.
I thought this was a weird combination, but after eating it, really wasn’t too weird. It’s like the lumberjack’s version of homemade yogurt covered pretzels; you’ve got your salty and your sweet.


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