French Canada Pt 2: A walk among the flowers

Oh dear, it’s September already! The end of the summer is nigh! (Which, I find tremendously sad as I feel that this summer was much too short, but as Ray points out, we managed to do a lot.) Since my last post, I’ve finished my summer class, spend a week in San Fransisco and spent a extended weekend in Los Angeles. More on these events later.

But, now that I have a bit more free time, I will finish my French Canada recounts.

While in Montreal, I visited the botanical gardens. (If you rent a car, look up instructions to get there ahead of time. I didn’t do that and as a result we got lost a couple times looking for the entrance causing Ray to get mad at me.)

There’s just something wonderful about seeing flowers in the peak of their blooming glory. (I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this.)
The Montreal Botanical Gardens aren’t difficult to get to (just confusing to get to the correct entrance as Google Maps won’t take you to the actual entrance) and it’s also right next to the Bio-Dome.

Sitting at the entrance to the gardens is the Lion de la Feuillee.
This lion was a gift from the city of Lyon for Montreal’s 350th birthday! (I didn’t know cities gave each other gifts.)

And it was peak rose season.
There were so many different varieties of roses here I think I must have taken around 100 photo of just roses.

That’s not to say there weren’t other flowers.
Just none nearly as lovely as the roses, but they were also pretty.

In addition, there were all these little paths where you can make-believe you’re in some storybook place.

And lovely fields of other flora.
I didn’t realize there was wild grasses that was purple like this. (Is this even grass?)

There’s also a Japanese garden, but it was a bit underwhelming. The real highlight of it was probably the pon behind it that was filled with koi.
The koi are super friendly and will even let you touch them if they’re resting near the surface (but maybe you’re not supposed to actually touch them).

Next up (soon), a twist on French Canadian food at Joe’s Beef.


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