French Canada Pt 1: Out and about in Old Montreal

It’s been quite a busy summer. I’m not entirely sure how it passed by so fast. Earlier last month (oh em gee, it’s August already!), I started taking a class in Data Mining at Columbia. Since it’s a summer course, it’s cramming a semester’s worth of material into 6 weeks, meaning I’m all work and no play. (I’m trying not to be a dull girl though!)

It’s already August, and I’m just now sharing the photos I took during my French Canada trip during the 4th of July holiday. During thsi trip, I went up to Montreal and Quebec City. It wasn’t quite like going to a far and distant land, but enough of a trip to stave off my wanderlust temporarily.

French Canada is very much the land of French-y woods-y lumberjacks, sort of. It’s very French in a American South sort of way. The Quebecois speak in their characteristic accent, French with a twang. Some people dislike this accent, but I thought it was rather cute.

Ray and I got into Montreal around the morning and spent the day walking around Vieux Montreal. The first thing we went to go see was the Notre Dame. What can I say, the stained glass inside was gorgeous.


The whole basilica was so magnificent that later when in Quebec, we took a sniff at the Notre Dame there and didn’t even bother going in.

Walking around Old Montreal, I wasn’t too impressed with it’s cobbled streets and little touristy knick-knack shops, so instead we took a little bit of a stroll by the water.
IMG_1167.jpg IMG_1178.jpg

And then later rented one of those pedal boats and just floated around for a bit. After our watery excursion we were pretty hungry and determined to get something authentically Canadian. What’s more Canadian than Poutine?

Poutineville is this little restaurant all the ways across town from the old part that specializes in Poutine. The poutine there was delicious. I managed to try two variations, the classic and the fire-breather (below).

This was real Canadian poutine, not the wannabe poutine you find in the states that is box gravy, lame cheese and stale french fries. No sir, this was super crispy potato wedges slowly soaking up the gravy made from real beef au jus, topped with generous helpings of real cheese curds and beef shreds (in my case, chicken wings). Every bite was beefy, crispy and cheesy goodness that made me feel as if it had come from some long lost French-Canadian aunt’s own kitchen. And of course, even though we was bursting at the seems with Poutine, we managed to fit in some dessert.

We waddled over to Juliette et Chocolat for some ice cream and brownies.

More Canada to come soon.


One thought on “French Canada Pt 1: Out and about in Old Montreal

  1. Like your photos. Glad you are open to other cultures. John Ralston Saul might be someone to read for a deeper understanding of French Canada. Thanks for following my blog.

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