A lovely wedding and other musings

Already a week since my last post!

If you recall, previously this year I said one of my friends/old roommates was getting married. Well, the wedding has gone and past now.

Both Ray and I somehow ended up in the wedding party, but it turned out absolutely lovely. I managed to get some photos during the wedding when I wasn’t running around too frantically and they turned out rather well.
This is only the 3rd wedding I’ve ever been to (I’m just now approaching that age where weddings are starting to be more frequent). This was also the first wedding that I’ve been intimately involved with and I thought it was absolutely lovely. The wedding went on without much of a hitch, and the bride and groom were married in a nice little ceremony that I started tearing up during.

The bride of course was quite lovely and her dress was simple, sleek and sweet.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of her standing in its full glory, but it was sweepingly sweet down to the train of the dress.

And her reception was equally as sweet, from the homemade topper on her wedding cake, to the props for her polaroid photo booth.

See how cute the wedding cake topper was?
It’ll also make a sentimental reminder of the day.

I thought this was a cute idea: handmade props for polaroid photo booth where the guests can use the photos taken to fill the guestbook.
Congrats again Weiling & Jason!

A few other things, I was reading this article from the Atlantic on creativity the other day, and it really got me thinking about how in recent years, I’ve just felt that certain faucets of my interests have all but dried up due to work, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. And this blog, having been an expressive outlet, kind of died with my other hobbies like art. So the article made me think about practicing my “art” more, and to do so, I’m going to try keep posting more consistently, even smaller posts that don’t have as many photos, and also present things of other mediums, like sketches and comics.

Also, if you’ve noticed the new layout, be prepared to see it change a few more times. I’m currently experimenting with the look and feel of this blog again.

Until next time!


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