5 months later, Dallas for 72 hours

Well hello! It has indeed been a while.

I regret not posting more, but I’ve just been lacking the motivation and free time I used to have.

Recently I’ve been taking a lot of photos on my new camera. (I got a new camera and now use some photo editing software.) And, I thought it was a pity to keep them all to myself on my computer or post them to flickr unacknowledged.

Unfortunately, this is not a long post as this photo series is a bit short. But, I thought these turned out quite nicely.

About slightly less than a month ago, I was in Dallas for work. I got to eat at a pretty good restaurant there, CBD. It was a pretty photogenic place with plenty of mood lighting.
Dallas, I thought, was a very odd (by which I mean not NYC or Chicago) city. The city center, where I was staying, was really dead after 6 PM, so walking around after work meant walking around a dead city. It reminded me of Indianapolis, which is also dead in the downtown area after 6PM.

The quail I had there was delicious. I think it took me under 12 minutes to devour the entire thing. It was perfectly seasoned with crispy skin and a nice sour from some citrus to dress it.


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