Cronuts round 3: the real McCoy

Last year, I attempted making Cronuts 2 different times because getting the real thing was too difficult. When I moved to New York, the possibility of a real Cronut was finally available to me. (Not that it wasn’t before, it was just that I was way too lazy to wake up early enough to go get a Cronut on my weekend visits to New York.)

Anyhow, on a Sunday last December, Ray and I finally dragged our sleepy butts out of bed to go stand in line in freezing temperatures for the Cronut.

Honestly, it was a terrible terrible idea, and I would not recommend anyone wait in line outside for this thing in single digits weather. Terrible terrible idea.
But as the sign above states, you gotta keep your eyes on the Cronut and not the hole (even if you can’t feel your toes and you’ve never been so happy as when the Dominique Ansel employees come out to serve hot chocolate and coffee to their freezing Cronut patrons).

Fortunately, lines in freezing weather on a Sunday in December don’t get too long. We only waited 1.5 hours for it as opposed to the normal 2-3 hours wait. So, if you’re looking to reduce your wait and are willing to brave frostbite for your favorite pastry, then go for it.

When 8:00AM finally hit and the doors to Dominque Ansel were flung open, the Cronut seemed within reach and there should have been an end to all that hunger and pain.
So close, yet so far…

And finally, I got my hands on the Cronut, plus DKA and Magic Souffle.
When I got my cronut, I wanted to wait until I could feel all my limbs before eating it. At this point, I had been inside Dominique Ansel for about 7-10 minutes, but the feeling in my feet hadn’t quite returned yet.

Alas, warm cronuts wait for no one.
So Ray and I hunkered down at the nearest open counter space we could find and proceeded to split a cronut. Biting into it, I want to say that it was a wonderful mesh of delightful flavors of chocolate, champange, and orange. But, after all that wait, the frozen toes and cold dances outside, I couldn’t quite taste everything too well. The flavors just kind of took a second seat to the feeling returning to my toes. To say the least, the Cronut was underwhelming.

However, I will say that later when I was home in my nice and cozy bed with a hot cup of tea, the Cronuts that we had saved for later were delicious. Basically, I learned from this experience that Cronuts are delicious if and only if you have feeling in your lower extremities.


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