Reminiscing Italian at Eataly

And the second post of 2014 is a long time coming. ^^;; Sorry about that. It’s been busy here.

But, I’ve been wanting to share a few good meals I’ve had and that includes this really old one at Eataly.

I’ve been to Eataly a couple times now for meals and it’s surprisingly been excellent every single time I’ve gone. And it’s been good regardless what I order.

My most recent visit was back in December. When I went then, it was a weekday night and a spontaneous date dinner with Ray. This meant we couldn’t get a table at Manzo, Il Pesce, or any of the places with protein, leaving only Le Verdure.

Which wasn’t at all bad if you ordered the Uova al Purgatorio, which was a baked egg with parmigiano
And very delicious. Although, it was piping hot when it came out and I think I burned my tongue from trying to eat it too soon.

Then there was the Zucca al Forno, which were kind of like butternut squash latkes with toasted pine nuts on the side.
No tongue burning for these, just delicious-ness.

And of course, don’t forget to get a main course. Your full stomach will thank you later for it.
Meet Gnocchi alla Romana. These pillowy medallions of cheese and dough were so delicious that my mouth still dreams of them. The gnocchi was perfect. It had this pleasant potato/dough-y taste to it that left this light potato chip aftertaste in your mouth. It was pretty much perfect. The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was the broccoli rabeon the top. It was just a tad too bitter.

There was also the polenta with parsnips, garlic, parmigiano, and butter
If I had to learn how to make polenta, I would make this one. It was not that in-your-face-umami; Rather, the flavor was more subtle, but just as good as the gnocchi.

In other news, I’ve been trying to decorate my apartment
Decorating ideas/beautiful drawings are stolen from my friend Weiling, who is also getting married this year. (And I’m having a ton of fun *ahem*helping*ahem* her with her wedding planning. (More like indulging in wedding porn.)

More soon!


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