Not quite a New Yorker and the holidays

Its hard to say what it is about New York that makes you both love it, and want to GTFO of it ASAP. Since moving to New York, I’ve definitely lost a lot of motivation to do a bunch of things, like study for my GRE retake, blogging, working out, etc. I can’t quite put my finger one what it is. It might be my new commute, which is 20 minutes longer than my old commute makes me feel like doing anything after the work day is too-much-effort, or it might be the fact that New York is so fast, I constantly feel like I’m running to-and-fro all over the place. Whatever the reason, I suppose it doesn’t excuse me of the lack of posts. I’m sorry!

I do have a few things to share, like the lights.
In New York, they’re gorgeous. (Yes, I’ve become a regular at Shake Shack now.)

They make it feel like the holidays.
Especially right when it gets dark around 4:30 now, the lights at least warm up your heart a bit.

In terms of food news, I haven’t gone out too much. Just haven’t had the time/motivation to go anywhere fancy, but I have managed to sample some local things.

There’s Jin Ramen up around 125th
The ramen definitely ties with Toto for best ramen I’ve eaten (which isn’t too many, but I imagine it’ll change now that I’m in NYC). The pork cha siu wasn’t as fatty or thick as the ones at Toto, but dare I say the broth was better?

And there’s also Il Solare, this little Italian place next to a neighborhood favorite, Crepes on Columbus.
The pizza’s pretty good. Can’t quite say the same about the about the pasta we had there. It was just kind of bland.

In other old news, I also made a turkey this past Thanksgiving this year. The key, it turns out, is all in the brine.
Obligatory turkey up-skirt shot.


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