Annual fall apple picking: gorgeous views and apple pie

Sorry for the radio silence, changing jobs is a bit hectic, especially if there’s no transitional period! I’ve already started the new job in New York (in my third week — my, how time flies!), but don’t have a place to call my own yet. The new job is pretty nice, really no complaints about it! Leaving behind Chicago and all my good friends there is a little difficult, but I look forward to opportunities to make new ones and to keep in touch with old ones.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any fun stories to post about in New York, but last month I did go on my annual apple picking visit. This time we went to this orchard in Indiana called “County Line Orchard“.
Personally, I like the one I went to last years more. This orchard was a lot bigger, which meant there were more apples to pick, but I think I like smaller farms. They feel more intimate.

Regardless of my preference, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to my trip next year.
The paths were littered with tons of rotting and fermenting apples that made it smell like apple cider vinegar as you walked through the trees. To me, it’s a pleasant and nostalgic smell of the summer turning into fall.

And for some reason, seeing all the huge boughs of apples made me really happy.
Apple Picking Fall 2013
Apple Picking Fall 2013
Oh the nostalgia I’ll feel for not being in Chicago any more. I definitely feel like I’ve left something behind, but that’s what growing up is all about right?

There were other things at this orchard, including sunflower fields and pumpkin patches.

The sunflowers were gorgeous on that day.
Sunflower Fall 2013
We saw some fallen sunflowers littering the ground with tons of seeds spilling out. The hoarder/kid in me wanted to stop there, sit down and collect all of the fallen ones.

We also got a pumpkin.
But I never got a chance to cook it. :’c

And of course, we also made pie this year.
Gorgeous delicious apple pie.


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