As I Get Older: reflections of summer past

It’s already the end of September!
2013-06-29 14.47.25
This is the first year that I’ve been a little bit sad to see the summer go. :c

Previously, I’ve always looked forward to the fall when all my favorite spiced things come into season and to new semesters at school, or starting a new job. Now that I’m working, it seems like things move a bit too fast, and I’m having a hard time keeping up and squeezing in all the things I want to do.
Some days I just want to play with these two and sit in my room enjoying the quiet.

But there other times where I’m thankful for the company of friends, especially eating with friends.

I loved my summer dinners of grilled cheese and tomato soup.
2013-07-02 19.38.47

and the pizzas
Arugula prosciutto pizza @ Balena.

and the fresh Merluza from Avec…
which, had fresh grape tomatoes in it. I’m going to miss tomato season.

But, most of all I loved my year in Chicago, which I will miss sorely… since I’m moving to NYC!


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