Cronuts round 2: Return of the homemade cronut

A few of you will remember my cronut attempt a while back. Well, I tried again. This time I do believe they were closer.

One of my friends had the cronut earlier this summer, and was crazy about it. So we tried making a homemade version (round 2 for me). We found a recipe that was actually based off the original. The trick seemed to be making the cronut holes larger.

Like last time you want to make your dough like croissant dough. However, instead of rolling it into the shape of a doughnut, you want to cut it out.
And once you’re done rolling it out, just drop it into the hot frying oil. You should probably test the oil out to make sure it’s hot enough. (You can do this by dropping in a small scrap of raw dough, and if it cooks immediately, your oil is hot enough.) (As you’ll have probably noticed, my cooking methodology is not very precise.) Again, the trick to cooking it evenly is making the doughnut hole large enough. The hole size helps with heat convection and deep frying the doughnut thoroughly. We found that the bigger the hole, the better the cronut cooked. Of course, don’t over do it. Let the cronut cook until the dough is golden brown.

And voila! You sort of have cronuts.


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