Morning after brunches at Empellon Cocina

So after consecutive posts about my travels, I’ve more or less returned to my regular schedule of food related posts, for now. This is a pretty short post about one of my favorite places to eat in NYC, Empellon Cocina!
When I was in New York in August, I went back to one of my favorite casual dining spots, Empellon. I’ve only been to Cocina for lunch/brunch, but it really doesn’t disappoint. In addition, they keep a pretty cool blog on tumblr

If you go, start with some guac. There’s relish added to give it more pucker.
It goes pretty well with the Masa chips (not pictured).

Cochinita Pibil Hash was also pretty good.
The pickled red onions are quite good. They’ve got this nice sweet and sour to them that cuts through the heaviness of the hash.

We also got the Sweetbread Milanese.
For whatever reason, this reminded me of a filet O fish, without the fish. Maybe it was just the deep-fried crust? The sweetbreads felt a little bit overcooked as the texture ended up being a bit grainy. It was interesting to try, but not sure I liked it enough to order again.


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