Birthday celebration at Mihoko’s 21 Grams

It was Ray’s birthday last month, so to celebrate we went out to eat.

I guess it has been a while since we’ve gone somewhere nice, but Mihoko’s 21 Grams ended up being the place.
We even got dressed up for it. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been to a fancy place in a little while and committed a few faux pas here and there. Dressing up also didn’t preclude me from being a complete klutz (or sitting in the wrong chair, ~oh well).

We got the four course, but it came with some nice amuse bouches, like this lovely chicken veloute.
It was absolutely delicious, rich and creamy. During the excitement of drinking my chicken veloute out of the egg, I managed to fumble the egg all over my side of the table and spill veloute down the table cloth and onto my dress. It was kind of a sad way to start off the meal. Fortunately, the rest of the meal went okay.

I didn’t spill any more amuse bouches…
I can’t remember what the first one on the left was called. The second was a cheese ball which was kind of like an arancini, which could be dipped in the cucumber yogurt mix on the right.

and a side of baguette and brown butter…
I didn’t know what brown butter was until this meal. It has this nice nutty flavor, but does taste less rich than normal butter.

I had the sashimi to start…
I thought the plating was lovely.

Ray got the Alaskan King Crab Millefeuille. There was some sort of sweet paste layered in that I thought was a nice addition. It kind of tasted and looked like red bean paste to me.
It came with a baby crab too!

Shrimp Uni Avocado.. It was surprisingly good!
I’m not sure why, but when i ordered it I really wasn’t expecting much. I just wanted to try their uni. Instead, I found myself savoring every bite. (You can see on the table cloth where I spilled veloute.)

The Wagyu Tartare was decent.
However, it kind of felt lacking in some aspect.

I got the lobster pearl
It was only okay. I think I would have preferred Ray’s rack of lamb.

I personally really enjoyed the lamb. The candied walnuts and the cherry tomatoes were a nice touch.
I think Ray said it was too overwhelming to eat the entire thing, but this is after 2 other reasonably sized courses and some amuse bouches. I guess i was wasn’t hungry by the time the main course came.

But of course, there is always room for dessert. (The plating for these were gorgeous.)


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