Miscellaneous in Munich: All of my favorite things

I could really write for days about Munich. It was such a quaint and merry city, but alas, I think people would get bored of my if I talked about nothing but Munich for a while. Instead, going to try to sum up my Munich trip with a few of my favorite moments.

Munich, I loved walking down your cobbled streets seeing such old and classic buildings along with the new as if nothing were out of place. (I suppose this was also true of Milan.)
The entire time I was walking around Munich, I felt as if I was walking around in some “It’s a small world after all”-themed amusement park. The houses, shops and streets were just too cute.

I really enjoyed how proud the Bavarians were of their cultural heritage.
I loved the window displays of trinkets.

And of course, I loved seeing food!
Marienplatz had such nice fruit & nut stalls. I didn’t end up buying and but I really wish I had gone and just bought a box of strawberries and walked around the city eating it.

The Glyptothek was a pretty cool place to walk around if you like Greek and Roman art. (I love art museums, I could probably spend months in them and not get bored.) Nonetheless, I would recommend a visit!
There are really nice reconstructed models of broken sculptures which I thought was pretty cool.

And there are also those exquisite statues and sculptures…
Sometime I muse about how nice it would be to just come to these types of places as an art student and just spend my afternoons with a notebook and draw.

And perhaps, one of my favorite things I saw was just this whimsical window display of dirndls…
It kind of made me feel whimsical…

Like this…
Just a little fun.


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