Munich Part 3: Schloss Nymphenburg

My Munich trip abroad, I managed to do more historically oriented things this time (unlike in Italy, when I didn’t even manage to see the Last Supper). This time, having more time, I went to see two gorgeous Bavarian buildings: Nymphenburg Palace and the fairy-tale Neuschwanstein. This is a photo post about Nymphenburg Palace.

The first day of castle wanderings, we started off in Olmpiazentrum. We visited BMW World, which was a little bit underwhelming, and enjoyed the nice day in the Olympic Park.
We lounged for a bit by this picturesque pond in the middle of the park.

Later, we took the S-bahn from Olympiazentrum to Gern. At the time we didn’t realize just how far we were from Nymphenburg Palace and ended up taking a long long walk, but the scenery was beautiful.
You can barely see Schloss Nymphenburg far off in the distance, but it’s the tiny white house there.

When we finally reached palace grounds, we saw a perfectly manicured lawn with lots of gee

I don’t think I’ve seen swans in a really long time.

And of course, the flowers! I’ve never seen so many brightly colored flowers casually decorating houses and building as I have in Munich!

Once you get up close to the palace, you can see how lovely it is.
I really like the gold accents around the walls.

Once we got up to the palace, we were wandering around the grounds, which led to the garden.
By the time we finished walking around the garden, we were quite tired and decided to call it a day and head back to Marienplatz.


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