Munich Part 1: Summer time in Munich, das ist mir wurst

Earlier last month I took an impromptu trip to Munich.  Munich wasn’t on the top of my list of places to go, but Europe is Europe; as long as I’m getting to travel to new places, it’s all sausages to me! (Did you know that the phrase “Das ist mir wurst” is one way Germans express their indifference?) Also, I had heard that summer time in Europe is gorgeous.
Munich, the heart of Bavaria, is considered one of the most livable cities in the world. I can really see why.

My first day there, I was so jetlagged that I slept for most of the day and woke up in the later afternoon right in time for dinner. The perfect first dinner in Munich was at a beer garden.
Ray and I went to Hofbräukeller, which is the less touristy location for this famous brewhouse and also where Hitler gave his first political speech.

Beer gardens in Munich, or rather in all of Bavaria, are apparently mandated by law as places where people must be allowed to bring their own food. So, a brewery can only call its space a beer garden if people are allowed to bring their own picnics and enjoy it in the space. The Germans really seem to enjoy picnicking. I don’t blame them; the beer gardens were a nice place to eat outside.

Of course, the breweries also offer their own food, which isn’t bad. The offerings there were pretty protein and carb centered.
The offerings at the biergarten were mainly some sort of pork, chicken, or fish. You can also even order “salad”, which was apparently sauerkraut. The giant pretzels are a Bavarian specialty that you don’t find as common in other parts of Germany.

And of course, you can’t forget your beer.
In Munich, the beer is cheaper than that bottled water. Apparently it’s also very common to drink beer that is mixed with other beverages, mostly lemonade. These drinks, known as Russ’ns or Radlers depending on the type of beer (white or wheat beer), are quite common in Germany. In fact they sell them in the US as well through the Stiegl brand (which I found out when I got back to the States). And yet, in my 5 days there, I still never managed to drink one of those huge liters by myself.

After we finished our meal of cheese, pretzel, meat and beer, instead of darting for the nearest sleeping place, we opted to take a nice stroll around Munich.
We were next to the English Garden (which also provides a really nice and long after-dinner walking path), but since we had just gotten to the city we opted to walk along a more urban route. It started with a nice view of the Isar river.


One thought on “Munich Part 1: Summer time in Munich, das ist mir wurst

  1. Reading your post takes me back to my trip to Munich. Let’s go back together one day! lol (Also, I never managed to drink a whole liter beer by myself there either…although I did manage in Chicago…mainly because Vallee refused to let me go to the restroom until I finished the whole thing -___-)

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