Eating through holiday weekends in Atlantic City

Over the 4th of July weekend (which is more than a month ago now), I went to Atlantic City for the weekend to get away from it all.
Of course, “to get away from it all” in Atlantic City also meant lots of gambling. It’s okay, I broke even at blackjack!

But this trip included lots of food.

Before I left for this weekend trip, Ray convinced me to stop by Koronets on the UWS and try their pizza. The slices are larger than my face and reasonably cheap, $4.00 for a large slice that I couldn’t even finish.
The pizza is decent for what it is. The crust is pretty thick, but it’s perfect to soak up all the grease from the cheese. There’s enough satisfaction from the sheer amount of pizza and the balance of cheese, sauce, and crust that makes it worth your time to eat.

I also learned from this experience, that to eat these slices, you really have to fold it up.
But, it still got pretty messy.

The weather in Atlantic City that weekend was really nice. The days were temperate.
There was a decent amount of walking around beach and boardwalk. (And some wading into cold water.)

At some point, we decided to take a mini road trip to “get away” from the resort that we were at “to get away from it all”. This turned out to be a excursion for the best philly cheese steak in Philadelphia, which took us to Tony Luke’s. (Disclaimer: I’m not sure if I would call this the “best” philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia. In fact, that sandwich is still elusive.)
To be quite honest, I was a little disappointed in the traditional philly cheesesteak that we ordered. For some reason I had expectations that it would be a lot more juicy and dripping in cheese than it actually was. In reality this sandwich was a little dry and that the flavor was a little flat. I don’t really think it worth the 15-20 min wait.

The order of fries, however, was good.
But, by the time I got to the fries, Ray and I had eaten most of 2 sandwiches and were stuffed. So we tried to save the fries for later. In reality, this mean we left the fries in the car for 3 days and stunk up the car.

One thing I learned about the garden state/philly area is that Wawas (the convenience store) are pretty awesome. They have really good made-to-order subs (not pictured), or as true philly residents call it “hoagies”.

We also had dinner double date with one of my friends who happened to be in AC for the weekend as well. We went to this place in the new Revel hotel/casino called Village Whiskey. The burgers there are pretty good (or at least mine was).
I ordered the Whiskey King. The patty was medium rare done right, juicy, succulent, savory. Added on top is some truffle oil and bleu cheese. It’s a pretty good “fancy” burger. Also, bring your appetite if you order it. The entire thing was about the size of my head.

By the end of the trip, I just wanted to go home and sleep off my food coma.


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