A Flower of May and the secret messages of the city

A lot of times when I’m in New York, I don’t end up eating Chinese food. Maybe it’s because it’s so near and dear to my heart that eating mediocre Chinese food is just not worth my time. (Why pay for it when I can just make it myself?) However, there are a few places on the UWS that I would go to when I’m craving something close to Chinese food. This would be Malaysian grill and Flor de Mayo (the one on 101st street).

Before I went to Flor de Mayo, I had never known Peruvian-Chinese food was a thing. For the most part, it tastes like Chinese food. Flor de Mayo is  good in the sense that if you want no nonsense Chinese-Peruvian food, this is the place for you.

If you go, you should order the combo of fried rice and half a chicken. There’s something wonderfully home-y about the chicken. The fried rice is also pretty simple, not too salty like some places.

The fried plantains are also another decent pick.
I had also ordered the jumbo shrimp when I went, but wasn’t too impressed with them. Probably would not order again.

The nice weather in Manhattan also meant nice weather for walks (which we usually need after our meals). This also means, nice weather to go out and enjoy the urban art (graffiti) around the city.

Most of it seems random

But, sometimes you come across love love love in the city.
Or, sometimes you meet a few celebrities…

like Iron Man and Lauryn Hill
(Actually, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be Lauryn Hill. It just reminded me of her.) And of course, the iron man is by Hanksy.


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