Summer Nostalgias: Return to Burger Joint for The Works

Summer is really a nice time of the year. This year both Chicago and New York were pretty mild in temperature, except for one week (I hear). The nice thing about a nice and mild summer is that it’s not too hot to go out and do things…

Last year, I managed to go on an structural tour of Manhattan and kayaking on the Hudson Pier. This year, I didn’t quite do anything as luxurious (I learned my lesson about uninhibited spending after paying off my credit card debt for the next 6 months), but did book Ray and I for a 3 hour bike ride around Central Park.
It was a pretty nice day, but cycling for 3 hours meant we were pretty hungry afterwards. Since we were around midtown, we decided to grab burgers again at Burger Joint.

Burger Joint has some pleasant memories for me. It was one of the first time I had hung out with Ray back after we just met. Of course, then I didn’t know Ray really well, and well, I was “the girl that wandered off randomly” to him and our mutual friend Dan. But, Burger Joint was also one of the first times when we agreed that we were both not that impressed with the burger and that “Shake Shack was much more superior”. We decided to give Burger Joint another chance.
This time the burger was a lot better. The last time I ate the burger with “The Works” at Burger Joint, I the patty being rather dry and uninspired. There wasn’t enough moisture from the other toppings. This time, the patty was better, but the other parts of the burger were much more in harmony. There was enough moisture from the cheese and condiments that made up for a boring patty. I still don’t know if I consider it one of the best burgers in Manhattan, but if there’s no line and you’re in the mood for burgers, it’s a “Sure, why not” for me.

The other nice thing about Burger Joint is that it’s located in the Parker Meridien, which has a really pretty passage of mirrors.
It’s almost like my very own overdone LACMA pillar photo, but in NYC!


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