Salami, bleu cheese, butter, all before midnight

Back when I lived in my student apartment with three other girls, we tried to have apartment dinners once a quarter. These dinner tended to be overflowing with food and good company. I don’t really do that anymore. (With two people, it seems a little silly to whip out the big cooking guns.) Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking. Or rather, there’s been a lot of cooking going on in my apartment (as I’m not always the one cooking.) The past half month my old college roommate Miranda has been living with me on the weekdays. This has meant that I’ve eaten a full meal for almost every meal. (Miranda also has a very no nonsense attitude about skipping meals.)

So earlier this week, she decide to make Salami and Bleu Cheese biscuits since she had a surplus of cheese and meat. (I helped with the eating, clean-up, and, of course, documenting)
She made them into scone shapes. Apparently, the recipe is pretty much a buttermilk scone sans sugar.

Midway through waiting for the biscuits to finish baking, we got the munchies.
A little bit of lemon seltzer water and an open face salami, bleu cheese and arugula sandwich

And the finished products:
They were delicious, although the sharpness of the cheese didn’t quite come out, which was probably more our cheese’s fault.


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