Bringing out the little tacos with taste at Big Star

It’s probably apparent that I don’t go out as much in Chicago compared to New York. The reason is mostly due to proximity and convenience. I always feel like I have the opportunity to visit the places on my Chicago list and as a result procrastinate, which then usually means I don’t end up going for a very long time. For example, Big Star (which this post is about) has been on my “Places to Eat” list for Chicago for the past year. Yet, I didn’t finally make the trip up to Belmont until the beginning of this month (mostly because Ray’s interest in the place was piqued when he heard about it from someone else).

My Mexican foods experience is really really limited. I can count on one hand how many Mexican places I’ve been to. They include Empellon Cocina & Taqueria in NYC, Los Primos in Pasedena, and (does this even count?) Chipotle.
Checking out the menu at Big Star first.

We started with some gaucamole and margaritas.

The margarita was a little bit too strong for me. I think I like my margaritas mostly sweet with a hint of the alcohol and salt on the rim.

I ended up ordering a Walking Taco and Frijole Charros because I didn’t know what I was ordering.
The Walking Taco was surprisingly good! Just the right ratio of crunchy, mushy, and cheesy for me.

Ray got the Pescado and Panza
I was disappointed in the pork belly, mostly becuase I thought it would be more juicy, but it wasn’t. The bites were really uneven and varied from really dry to mostly good. However, the Pescado (fish) was perfect. Battered just right and drizzled in mayonnaise based sauce that makes you want more than one.

Because we weren’t quite satisfied with what we ordered. We ended up also getting the Al Pastor.
It was a hit. The pork in this one was much juicier, and the pineapple added some more layers in texture and flavor to it.

My final verdict: If I go back, I’d probably order the Pescado and Al Pastor.


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