Miscellaneous post: photos from the past month and a half

Like I said before, the past month and a half has been busy. Yet, when I look back at my photos from the this period, I realize I’ve actually done a fair amount of things.

Back in LA, the weather was quite nice.
Photo May 26, 3 20 30 PM
Photo May 26, 4 07 03 PM
Photo May 26, 4 32 06 PM
Quite perfect for a walk through the gardens of Huntington Library and lounging about.

Probably one of the best burritos I’ve eaten in recent memory was the goat meat burrito (not pictured) at Los Primos in Pasedena, CA.
Photo May 27, 11 35 19 AM
Photo May 27, 11 35 12 AM
The gaucamole was pretty fresh too.

Back on the east coast there was the Amorino…
The petal scooping allows you to sample a lot of different flavors in one sitting.

Pizza suprema, which is supposedly one of the best pizzas this guy ate.
I wasn’t that impressed with it, but then again, I’ve been horribly horrible spoiled by Italy. It was, however, a nice afternoon snack.

More to come soon…


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