Cronuts: a foray into donut-croissant hybrid baking

When the cronut came out, I had first heard about it from one of my favorite food bloggers.

And then I heard about the ridiculousness that ensued from its creation. I decided then and there that I was not the type of person to wait that long for a silly little pastry (this may be subject to change). Yet, the hype surrounding this little pastry persisted and even followed me into my office in Chicago! (My co-workers were raving about it.) The last straw was probably when Ray came to visit one weekend and brought up the topic. After some discussion we decided that it couldn’t possiblly be that difficult to make – after all it’s just a croissant-donut.

We hypothesized that it was just super flaky croissant dough with icing. This led to an attempt to make one at home. It failed. In the process of failing, we ate some delicious doughnut shaped croissants and I learned how to make very butter-y croissants.

I used and adapted some variation of Julia Child’s croissant recipe. This meant, i didn’t follow all the instructions for letting the dough sit and rise, but I tried to add as much butter as I could.

I couldn’t find the original blog I got it from, but this seems pretty close.

We made the croissant dough first.
It’s actually not that difficult, just time consuming.

And then tried shaping it into rings.
Apparently, this does not make a cronut. (Who knew?)

There were a couple of variations we tried, chocolate-filled, jam-filed, and plain.


My favorite was the jam-filled.

We added glaze too.
Which, still didn’t make it a cronut.


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