Why, hello there: LA burgers and back again.

I suppose it’s been a little while… Things on my end have been rather busy and stressful, especially with work, trying to figure out how to move to Manhattan (eventually), trying to figure out how I would live there (given the urban crowding and higher cost of living), giving up on setting a hard deadline for myself to move, and ultimately accepting my life as it goes on now among other things.

And, it hasn’t been easy given how much of a control freak I am about certain things. Currently, I’m trying to focus on living in the present and focusing on my own development further, which ultimately means continuing to do things that interest me, developing different skills, and enjoying the present.

In other news, I have pictures of food eaten from LA, but today’s post will only be about burgers.

In LA, I ate an Umami Burger…
Photo May 26, 5 41 38 PM
which was actually full of umami goodness.

and a truffle burger…
Photo May 26, 5 42 16 PM
and it was a nice juicy burger full of truffle-y goodness.

With a side of fries, of course.
Photo May 26, 5 41 45 PM

Both were really juicy burgers, and sang with all the ingredients on them. Personally, I enjoyed the original Umami burger the most.  I liked the mushrooms, umami sauce and the crispness and crunchiness of the chip. It was such a nice melding of texture and flavor that I’m drooling again as I write this a month after eating it. This is not to say that the Truffle burger was not also good. It was good. The caramelized onion were a really nice addition, but it didn’t have that extra umami boost that you get form a nice balance of textures and flavors.

I also had my very first In ‘N Out.
Photo May 24, 10 16 07 AM
It doesn’t beat Shake Shack for me, but it’s a nice fast food burger. I think with the In ‘N Out burger the spotlight isn’t really on the meat, rather it’s more the mixture of the different ingredients, oozing cheese, sauce, lettuce and onion.

Can’t forget about the animal style fries…
Photo May 24, 10 16 23 AM
For these, I would choose them over the chili cheese fries you can get at Shake Shack.

More LA food photos to come… All photo creds go to Ray and his iPhone 4s, as I forgot my camera for this trip.


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