Sunday Firecakes donut hunt and other life news

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of donuts. 2 weekends ago, I was feeling super lazy and couldn’t drag myself out of bed to get brunch somewhere (granted, it does take like 30 mins + on CTA to get somewhere brunch-worthy). Instead I opted for donuts at glazed and infused. This past weekend I wasn’t that lazy, but was craving donuts again. This time I went to Firecakes Donuts on 68 W Hubbard.
2013-04-07 13.32.29
These donuts were pretty gourmet, which surprised me because I thought I had had some fancy donuts before.

I think my favorite donuts are still those with filling, but the Pineapple bacon donut and triple chocolate weren’t so bad

Pineapple bacon donut
2013-04-07 13.44.47
It’s actual size is tiny compared to the other donuts there.

Triple chocolate
2013-04-07 13.45.37
This has cocoa nibs, and valhrona chocolate icing on top of a chocolate old fashion donut. It’s like eating chocolate cake.

And my favorite was the butterscotch praline
2013-04-07 13.49.09
This was better than the butterscotch custard filled donuts I’ve had at Glazed and Infused. This one was far more buttery, with praline pieces covering the top of the donut. If you like caramel and butter, this is the donut for you.

In other news…

I’m going to Milan this week! That’s right Milan, Italy! It’s only a short trip, but I’ll take lot of pictures.


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