Burger adventures in NYC: The Black Label Burger

Last weekend I was back in New York. It was a pretty chill weekend. I got a hair cut and tried out something called the Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern, which was touted as the “best burger in NYC”.

Minetta Tavern was a nice little place. It actually felt like a tavern in every aspect of the word; it was crowded and noisy.

But the food was quite tasty, and if it weren’t so hard to get a table there for brunch on the weekend, maybe I’d even go back there.

We tried a few different things in addition to the black label burger, including huitres & crepinettes and brioche French toast

The huitres and crepinettes – oysters and sausage
It was a nice way to start off brunch. I imagine it would also go well with a few bloody marys

The oysters were really fresh.
I could eat a plate full of them all by myself.

And the truffled pork sausages had a nice consistency of fat, making them full of juiciness.
Although I couldn’t really taste the truffle in them.

All gone!
It was so tempting to order another plate.

The brioche french toast
It wasn’t as sweet as other french toasts I’ve had. In addition, the brioche felt heavier than others I’ve had. But, surprisingly, it was a really light and refreshing french toast – not too sweet, and hint of orange from the zest made it a nice way to finish brunch.

Finally, the black label burger, made with dry-aged beef and caramelized onions
My verdict: It was a good solid burger, but I don’t know if I would call it the best burger in New York. Yes, the dry-aged beef made the patty especially juicy and savory, but it almost felt a little naked. Perhaps I enjoy my sauces a bit too much, but I almost felt that there was something missing about the burger since you had to add your own ketchup/mustard/mayo. Speaking of mustard, they do have great house made mustard. Not to mention, the fries are really good too.


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