Cold spring transitional dinner at hipster Nightwood

A week ago I was all the way out by Canalport (it does seem so far away from the West loop). There isn’t much to do there (at least at first glance). A few bars here and there, but otherwise, nothing much.

There is, however, Nightwood.
The place has good eats, and would make a good date night, but I’m still debating whether it’s worth coming all the way out there for it.

Nightwood has this je ne sais pas home-y quality about it that almost feels like someone’s basement that’s been converted into a temporary dining spot.
I liked the feel of it. Although, it’s rather dimly lit, so food picture quality might be lower.

Nightwood does that traditional restaurant bread thing.
The bread is warm, which makes it seem as if it’s fresh out of the oven!

Crispy pig ears in butter and maple syrup are almost like candy.
There’s supposedly habanero in it, but I didn’t really taste it.

They also had sweetbreads on the menu. The chicken-fried sweetbread was pretty tasty.
I want to say the sweetbreads were on the slightly too cooked side, but just barely. Otherwise, it was this nicely balanced dish with a bright sour flavor coming from the beans which mellowed out nicely with the sweetbreads.

The cocktails aren’t bad either.
Although, mine was a bit strong for my tastes.

Garlic braised oyster mushrooms.
These were really quite good, but then again, I really like mushrooms. I like how they’re vegetarian but have substance. This dish was a blend of savory from the mushrooms and then sweet from pumpkin seed brittle(?) it was topped with. Although, the topping tasted more like carrots to me.

Spit-roasted Michigan duck
This duck was delightfully fatty, moist, and succulent. What else do I need to say?

And for dessert, a chocolate bombe with cherry mousse.
Nice and light dessert.


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