Margaritas, churros, and casual tres leches cake at Xoco

The week of my birthday I ate a lot. I mean, I had several dinners to “celebrate” my birthday, but really they were just excuses to eat good food.

One of those dinners included going back to Xoco with Ray.

This time we were a bit more adventurous and gluttonous with our food choices.

We got a margarita and horchata
I don’t have much experience in the way of drinking margaritas. I tend to avoid sweet drinks and go for the bitters, stouts, whiskey, etc. However, this was quite delicious. There was salt on the rim which gave it this delightfully savory twist to the lime flavor. It reminded me again that mojitos used to be my favorite drink.

And ate our dessert first.

This included trying all three of Xoco’s glazed churros (which I recommend highly!) and their tres leches cake.

The churros
From the left: Margarita, chocolate and pistachio

I thought they were all pretty good.
The margarita glazed one really just tasted like a lime glaze, really light and citrusy tasting.

Chocolate glazed churro close-up
If you are too lazy to dip your churro in ice cream or chocolate shots, then these are the churros for you.

Pistahio glazed churro
Also pretty tasty. Not as zesty or bright as the margarita glazed one, but pleasant and light to eat.

The tres leches cake.
The tres leches cake at Xoco is especially appealing. It’s got this wonderful swirl of whipped cream that’s been torched and goes quite well with the rest of the cake. The rest of the cake is evenly soaked through and delicious.

Finally, the main entrees…

Porkbelly Vermicelli
By this point, we were both really full from dessert, but we still pushed on with filling our bellies with more food. The porkbelly vermicelli was no exception. I was actually kind of afraid to eat this when it first came out. The pork belly looks a bit too crispy, as if all the fat might have been cooked off and would be too dry. Alas, that was not the case. The pork belly was decidedly tender and succulent on the inside, oozing that fatty pork belly taste. In addition, the broth to this vermicelli was perfect. Not too salty, but plenty of rich savory.

We also ordered the cochinita pibil.
Our stomachs couldn’t hold this, so we ended up saving it and eating it the next day for breakfast.

I also learned my lesson this time and didn’t soak my sandwich in the habanero sauce.


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