Del Seoul: My equivalent of a nice cold beer after work

a couple of weeks ago I checked out Del Seoul for their kimchi fries. This is after hearing so many things about their korean tacos.

Del Seoul kind of looks like one of those hole in the wall taco joints, but it’s sooooo much more. There’s so much deliciousness going on here, with a pretty casual mom & pop feel going on too.
2013-02-28 19.01.05
2013-02-28 19.23.18

The kimchi fries… I can tell you they’re pretty darn good. It hits my sweet spot for junk food. It’s that wonderful combination of fatty, greasy, sour, and savory.
2013-02-28 19.05.37
2013-02-28 19.05.45
And according to a real Korean, the kimchi was at just the right ripeness to be fried!

In addition, the kalbi poutine is also worth trying. In fact, I think I liked it more than just the regular kimchi fries.
2013-02-28 19.09.08
2013-02-28 19.09.12
The kalbi poutine is this delightful mix of pickled red onions, kalbi, cheese, and fries. Since the fries are rather crisp too, they provide this contrasting crisp texture to the texture of the kalbi and cheese.

The shrimp taco is pretty good too.
2013-02-28 19.03.29
2013-02-28 19.03.16
Another plus, the service is really fast!


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