Outside our comfort zones at Awash Ethiopian restaurant

As well as discovering Crepes on Columbus a couple weeks back, I also tried eating something out of the ordinary. For me, that meant trying Ethiopian food.

Ray and I went to Awash over by 107 and Amsterdam.

The place is decorated with portraits of, what I can only assume, famous Ethiopians.
Service is okay. It’s a bit slow at times, or at least on a Sunday night.

Previously, I had heard a lot about dining at Ethiopian restaurants from friends previously, but never really bothered to do my own investigating. It just didn’t really seem that interesting. Plus, I’d tried that bread/wrap (called injera) that they use to pick up the food and I’d always thought it tasted kind of like a mushy sourdough. I hadn’t been much of a fan of that.

However, despite all my preconceptions about Ethiopian food, it was pretty tasty over all. I still can’t quite get used to the injera. The meat kind of reminds me of some blend of Indian and Chinese spices, with a hint of something slightly more acerbic.

We ordered some appetizers before hand.
I didn’t get a picture of what’s on the inside, but it’s basically ground curry/spiced lamb. Kind of like a meat samosa or egg roll.

And of course, the traditional platter.
Kind of just looks like goop on a plate, but extremely tasty goop.

The chicken goop (bottom right) was probably my favorite.
It vaguely reminded me of chicken stew my mother makes.


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