More UWS gems: Crepes on Columbus brunch

After complaining that there were few good food options on the UWS, we finally got a little adventurous and started venturing out in search of good dining options.

Our efforts were not fruitless. We found this nice little creperie on the corner of 109 and Columbus. It’s a little dingy, some would even call it quaint and cozy. Anyhow, Crepes on Columbus has no airs, but serves damn fine crepes!

And if you like really sweet espresso based drinks, this little shop serves decent ones.
Like I said, it’s a nice a little neighborhood-y place. I could see it being a nice little afternoon coffee hangout place where you can drink coffee, read, and eat crepes.

But, let’s move on to what this place is actually good for: crepes… (their sandwiches also looked really good.)

When you order crepes here, you can choose 3 ingredients to make your own custom crepe or choose from their standard crepes. We ended up ordering two crepes, one savory and one sweet.

For the savory, we put salmon, goat cheese and ratatouille in our crepe.
Service is pretty friendly. They were nice enough to split the crepe for us.

Inside the crepe was cooked properly. You have a good distribution of the ingredients and it’s cooked evenly.
Definitely would not mind ordering this combo again.

For our sweet crepe, we got a standard combination of sauteed apples, almond, golden raisin and creme fraiche. It was like eating a deliciously light apple pie.
I also really liked that the portions were large enough to split between two people but small enough that you could eat one and call it a meal.

Did I mention we got creme brulee on the side?
The creme brulee was only okay. I think they added too much Grand Marnier, because the custard still had a little bit of the acerbic taste of alcohol, as if it hadn’t cooked away.

But, this place is a creperie, and their crepes are pretty solid.


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