Venture out to Suburbia for Chinese New Year supplies at Mitsuwa

I don’t consider myself particularly culturally informed about what traditional Chinese New Year festivities should be, but I figured CNY should be something that I celebrate.

…by picking up supplies at a Japanese grocery store. xD

So on a Saturday night, we ventured out to the suburbs to buy fish balls and other ingredients for hotpot.

But, while we were there, we tried some of the food the offered in the food courts. Nothing spectacular, but it made the grocery shopping more enjoyable.

I did try a few things for the first time.

Like, natto.
Natto, which is a type of fermented soybean, is apparently eaten as a side to whatever main course you’re having, but I wouldn’t mind just eating it and a bowl of rice.

I got some ramen from one of the food court stalls, with the natto on the side.
Ramen wasn’t nearly as good as the ramen at Totto, but can’t complain. It was good for suburbia.

All in!
Instead of getting spicy ramen, I got shoyu.

Ray got a gabatto burger.
The patty in this burger is some type of ground meat mix. Can’t remember what was in it exactly. But, it had a little bit more flavor and moisture than your traditional burger that’s not Shake Shack (Shake Shack has become my gold standard of burgers).

And we finished it off with matcha soft serve!


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