Dinner date before the New York Philharmonic

January was a very tiring month. Not only with the traveling on weekends, but also work. I think I was dying from work (sort of). I had almost I-Banking hours (okay maybe like 3/4 of their hours) and there was an all-nighter somewhere in there. After all of that work, I wanted to be pampered. Rather, I just wanted a relaxing weekend to break me out of my work rut. This translated into a weekend in New York where I slept for most of it and only got up to eat. Somewhere in there, I managed to go catch a classical concert at the Lincoln Center, but sleep was definitely the priority here.

What I do recall about the dinner before going to see the NY Philharmonic, was that it was decent. Over all the place we went to, China Latina, served very mediocre food. It did have a few highlights though.

One of them was this Chorizo filled Shumai
The plating is really cute, and the chorizo was mellowed out by the cheese topping, making for a balanced dish.

The tacos weren’t bad either.
The beef was better than the duck because it was a more consistently juicy bite. The duck confit taco had dry bites and really juicy bites that made some bites better than others.

If you do go there, I would skip their calamari salad. It was too salty, had too much dressing, and the calamari wasn’t that crisp. Their noodle dishes weren’t that great either. It kind of tasted like Chinese take out.

The rest of the evening was pretty fun though.
I definitely want to try to go to see the orchestra more often.


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