Malaysia Grill: Casual dining at a Upper West Side gem

Sometimes staying on the upper west side of Manhattan is super convenient. It’s easy to get to from LGA (thank you M60!), and it’s close to Columbia, which makes it easy to see some family.

Other times it just feels like a desert in terms of things to do. (Mel’s doesn’t even stay open long enough to get fried Oreos after I arrive from the airport on Fridays.)

But, if you’re ever craving decent Chinese/Malaysian food, Malaysia Grill is the place to go.

One of my favorite things to eat there is the roti w/ curry.
You can ignore the sad sad vegetables next to it, they’re actually kind of bad. The Roti, however, is not bad at all. It’s warm and fluffy.

And comes with some delicious curry for you to dip it in.

King pork (left) and pineapple shrimp (right) are also not bad ways to go.
Ray always orders the king pork (be warned that king pork has off-days where it doesn’t taste as awesome).


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