East Village wanderlusts and a good grilled cheese

These are now from the previous year (doesn’t that feel weird calling 2012 last year?) that I wanted to share still.

Something that seems to be a new fad among junk food establishments is the appearance of poutine on the menu. I think I first heard of this about a year ago and dismissed the idea as being “really gross”. However, after trying it at Pommes Frites (East Village location), I have decided that it’s actually not a bad idea.

It’s fries with cheese curds and gravy drizzled all over it. Nothing beats hot gravy on a cold cold day.

Photo Dec 17, 11 25 20 AM
I definitely see the appeal and why the Canadians would eat such a thing (after all it does get cold up there).

This serving of poutine was followed by a hearty lobster grilled cheese at Luke’s Lobster.
It’s a rather unassuming grilled cheese.

But, it’s got a lot of soul in it.
It’s filled with delicious buttery lobster and creamy cheese, all inside of the normal lobster roll toast (buttered on both sides obviously), which makes is basically a lobster roll with cheese. (I ain’t complainin’)

And finally, the dessert of this trip had to be finished up at Spot Dessert Bar

We got a trio of desserts…

Thai Tea Creme Brulee
Funny story behind this. The first time I had this was almost a year ago. It was so bitter that it was unedible. Now, I’m not really a big fan of Thai Tea anyways, so it didn’t really strike me as necessary to order it again, but Ray wanted to try it just to see if it was really consistently awful or just that one time. Turns out that one time it was really bitter and nasty. This time it tasted fine. Still not my favorite, but it was edible.

This was some sort of sweet potato cake? (It’s not on the website menu)
Kind of reminded me of those cake pudding type desserts, where you have a super moist cake as a result of tons of syrup or the fact that it’s been soaked in juice. It’s a nice thing to eat in cold weather.

Now this toast is worth trying. They have these types of desserts at a lot of other Chinatown cafes, but the one at Spot really feels filling. The portion of toast is well balanced with the side of condensed milk ice cream, which if you’re not a fan of this sweet toast is worth eating just by itself.

I still can’t believe that I ate all of these things before going to Kyo Ya.


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