Frozen foods on a wet frozen day in West Village

I ate a lot of different things recently, and I do mean a lot. However, there was a decent amount of frozen sweets eaten recently.

There was Pop Bar recommended to me by Anne (aka my lil).
Got to try the coffee, hazelnut, and pumpkin flavors. This was originally on my list of places to go the first summer I was in NYC, which was a year and a half ago. (Clearly, people with good taste think similarly.) But, I think their quality has gone down? Or maybe I went on an off day (it was raining and cold after all). Because, apparently they used to offer you toppings and all that jazz. In addition, while the flavors were tasty, some of the flavors definitely tasted a bit watered down. But I think I’ll try coming back here when the weather isn’t so terrible.

Also, since we were in west village, stopped by Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.
It’s a cute and pretty gay shop (in the happy sense). They also have a bunch of interesting flavors. Although I might have been the only person in my party eating the ice cream because it was “interesting” rather than delicious.

There was the strawberry sundae

The Gobbler
Which Ray said tasted like an apple pie sundae. I guess it did, although in my opinion there should have been more apple crusty apple bits.

The Bea Arthur
Which I thought was pretty tasty

And the Cococone
Those are curried flakes of coconut you see. And this is what I ordered. It was interesting. Kind of like those weirdly flavored truffles by Vosges. In fact, I’ve actually eaten one of Vosges’ chocolate bars that aw some sort of curry flavor. Now, I can’t say this was bad, but at the same time I could not get the idea out of my head that I was eating some sort of liquefied form of curried chicken. Soooo…. I think next time I’m going to try the Salty Pimp instead.


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