A French holiday weekend – Feast like the french do

Merry Christmas everyone!! I’m currently back home in Indiana, enjoying time with my family and being overfed by my parents.

A continuation of that holiday post on Xmas decorations in NYC, I have a post about French brunch places…

I actually went to two places that weekend: Maison Kayser and Buvette.

Maison Kayser is this cafe that opened over the summer/fall that I’ve been meaning to go to for the longest time. It’s Eric Kayser’s foray into the American scene (never been to Paris, but apparently he has bakeries all over Paris).

I had heard all about how great the bread and pastries were there, so I went for brunch.

It’s a nice little cafe. They even have the holiday spirit!

We ordered some viennoiserie to start.
brioche with some praline pistachios… The brioche itself was really soft and moist – everything that brioche promises to be. However, the candied pistachios detracted a bit from the experience. Just something about the ratio of brioche to candied pistachio and place of the pistachios. (They were mostly just a topping.) I also thought they were a bit too hard at times.

pain au chocolat
Perfection. This pain au chocolat is everything that a chocolate croissant should be. It’s flaky on the outside and brimming full of moist chocolate filling that’s just begging to be eaten.

They also have croque madames, but instead of normal croque madames, these are tartines or open face sandwiches.
Cheese and ham, what a match made in heaven! Add an over easy egg and it’s even more of a party. Overall a pretty solid choice for brunch. As a tartine, the bread was a little too hard for me, but the oil from the cheese softened it to the right amount. Perhaps they could have buttered it a bit more? (One can never have too much butter.)

I definitely want to come back here and try their other brunch items since I was eyeing the tables next to me and salivating at their food.

The day after…

I went down to west village and had brunch at Buvette.

It was a family affair.

With my bro

and my lil

with a full spread for brunch
Photo Dec 16, 11 01 41 AM

We ordered duck rillette, goat cheese, cow’s milk cheese (not pictured), another croque madam, waffles, and beets.

Portions were definitely smaller than those at Maison Kayser, so order a bit more if you’re hungry.

But, definitely try the croque madame.
Oh man, this croque madame is such a hot mess. It’s made with proscuitto, not ham. You know the cook takes his croque madames seriously when he uses proscuitto. The cheese is gooey and the egg on the top runs at such a perfect rate that you’ll be wondering why you never met this madame sooner. The extra proscuitto on the side is also a nice addition. But, it is a little on the small side if you’re planning to share. (Now, why would you do that?) So make sure to order more.

Now, the waffles were not bad.
They were cooked right and everything, but paled in comparison to their heavier cousin the croque madame. But, I can see them being a nice light entree for a nice light brunch.

We demolished everything.


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