All of the lights: light filled holidays on the streets of NYC

Happy Holiday everyone! It’s that time of year again… full of food and people you like (hopefully).

Just a few pictures of the festivities going on in NYC that I wanted to post.

Ahh New York…

The last time I was there, we decided to walk around and look at all the Christmas decorations.

5th Ave is gorgeous this time of year

The lights are pretty extravagant.

We walked past some really pretty store displays
This was Shanghai Tang.

And we took a walk around Bryant Park
It was pretty crowded, but still fun.

The skating rink is filled with people
A bit too crowded to really have fun ice skating, but the idea of it is nice.

All the walking built up our appetites.

Which meant mulled apple cider

and churros…

Can’t forget some of the fried goodies.

Freshly fried pickles!
Fried pickles are interesting in that the pickles themselves lose their crispiness by being deep fried, but have this crispy exterior. Not a bad pick me up for the cold. Also goes well with honey mustard dipping sauce.

More to come!


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