Revisiting old places and Sunday brunch with an old friend

Three weekends ago, (has it really been three weekends ago?) I went back to Hyde Park to celebrate the official Installs of my sorority little sister. It was a nice little event. This is #3 in terms of installs at UChicago I’ve been to now, and it’s really amazing to see this organization that was founded 2 years ago around this time is still alive and thriving (it’s even weirder to think about my part in it), and as much as I hate to admit, it was a large part of the defining experience of college for me (that and the rest of the trials and tribulations of the past 4 years).

That weekend I also went and got brunch with a friend who I’ve know since I was in elementary school (was that seriously more than a decade years ago?).

We went to 2sparrows. It’s a nice little brunch spot, the food is not bad if you know what to order.

Basically the pretty tasty stuff was…

Maple & Bacon donut
Not a bad way to start the day off.

Get the Holiday Soda – which is a concoction of ginger ale, vanilla, cranberry juice and a sprig of rosemary
For some reason cranberry and vanilla really tastes festive!

Parisian gnocchi
It actually isn’t very much since all that yellow sauce there is basically just Hollandaise that you can smother you gnocchi and vegetables in. But what you’re given is heavy enough that you’ll fill up.

And the not so great…

The only thing that was a real disappointment was the poptart.

We ordered the Foie Gras & Cherry poptart
The crust/shell of the poptart was great. It was flaky but moist. It’s just that you couldn’t really taste the cherry or the foie gras for that matter. It kind of all mushed together into some sort of filling, which is really unfortunate. Also, I’m not sure if I had expectations that were too high for a poptart, but in my head I had imagined a poptart that was more like a pie – bursting with filling and feeling. It was neither. :/

But, I would also recommend the French Toast (not pictured) that I got the first time I went to 2sparrows. It’s made with fluffy and buttery brioche, which is then battered and fried as french toast normally is and topped with mascarpone and maple syrup.

More posts to come, plenty to update.


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