Chicago Food Film Festival: Farm to Film to Table

A few photos from the ol’ iPhone camera.

The week before we went to Au Cheval, I went with a couple co-workers to the Farm to Film to Table night during the Food Film Festival.
2012-11-15 18.40.28

Pretty fun and informative. I probably enjoyed eating the maple syrup taffy the most.
2012-11-15 20.26.14
This stuff is a concentrated maple syrup thats been cooled in ice (otherwise it would be a lot less viscous)

2012-11-15 20.55.14
The guy making this came all the way from Sucrerie de la Montagne in Quebec, CA. Apparently, the put maple syrup in everything. I’m a fan.

Otherwise, plenty of food to try.
2012-11-15 20.32.27
2012-11-15 20.33.47
2012-11-15 20.34.06
It was a nice way to spend an evening, especially if you’re interested in learning about sustainable food and local places.


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