Smorgasburg before Hurricane Sandy blows in

It’s been about 3 weeks since Hurricane Sandy, and I hope that most people have more or less recovered from it. I
was actually stranded in New York that weekend. Not that I minded all too much. It just meant I had to work remotely. It also meant I did nothing but eat. (Seriously, I gained about 5 lbs that weekend from doing nothing but sit around and eat.)

But it was actually a really fun weekend. Saturday I ended up meeting up with one of my old roommates down at Smorgasburg.
Photo Oct 27, 3 14 23 PM
There was a lot of eating to be done.

Including pork sliders from Might Quinn
Photo Oct 27, 2 14 12 PM
One of these sliders was the pulled pork BBQ and the other was a braised pork. Both were delicious and left a decent amount of au jus dripping down your chin as you ate it. Not to worry though, you just end up licking it off anyways. The slaw on the side was also really good.

Also don’t want to forget the buns.
Photo Oct 27, 2 28 28 PM
Photo Oct 27, 2 28 34 PM
On the left side is a delicious pork belly, and on the second one is a duck with peanut sauce. Both equally tasty

There was also a tuna taco.
Photo Oct 27, 2 48 01 PM
Kind of like a fish taco, except replace it w/ spicy tuna. Don’t remember it being phenomenal or anything, but it was a nice light snack.

And, in terms of sweets, there was some really good cold fresh soymilk from SoyHound
Photo Oct 27, 2 55 22 PM
Ray got the Thai Ice Tea and I got the matcha. Too bad they only deliver within Manhattan or else I would totally order some for myself in Chicago.

There were also cupcakes to be eaten
Photo Oct 27, 2 51 17 PM

And artisan s’mores
Photo Oct 27, 2 39 27 PM
Photo Oct 27, 2 38 26 PM
Torching the s’mores looked like lots of fun.

There were also some adorable dogs walking around. (New Yorkers really love their dogs, huh.)
Photo Oct 27, 3 11 55 PM
Photo Oct 27, 2 41 46 PM
Being the dog creeper that he is, Ray went around stalking a couple of dogs, trying to take pictures of them discreetly.

Especially of this fur ball
Photo Oct 27, 2 49 25 PM


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