Tamgoyaki and cheesecake on a cold Chicago weekend

Two weekends before Hurricane Sandy, Ray came over and we did our normal ritual of creme brulee and other baked goods.
Photo Oct 13, 9 50 38 PM
But that weekend, I tried a couple new things.

First, we went out to Publican Quality Meats, the small deli next to The Publican, for brunch. Definitely go if you happen to be in the area. I feel like PQM is one of my favorite casual dining places to go, whether it’s for weekend brunch or burger night. I want to say it’s because the food is just as tasty as it is over at its sister restaurant The Publican, but a lot more casual. You don’t need reservations, you just show up and take a seat.
2012-10-13 13.59.43

While at PQM, I ordered a latte and the duck confit off their brunch menu.
2012-10-13 14.21.11
2012-10-13 14.21.17
The duck confit is pretty much an eggs benedict, but with duck confit, instead of ham. The Hollandaise is quite wonderful, but the confit was a bit too dry when I had it. I have heard that it’s pretty good when done right.

Ray got the barbacoa, also off the brunch menu.
Photo Oct 13, 3 20 59 PM
Photo Oct 13, 3 21 10 PM
And it was very well done. The meat was super juicy and tender. It was topped with some tomatoes and goat cheese that added a lightness to it.

I also think I have a new favorite root beer
2012-10-13 14.11.34
I had never heard of Killebrew before, but this root beer is delightfully milky(?) and mellow. It kind of reminded me of a root beer float except it didn’t have any ice cream in it.

In addition to going to PQM that weekend, I learned how to make Japanese cheesecake and Ray perfected his tamagoyaki recipe.

So the receipt for the cheesecake can be found here. What I’ve found, much like the author of onecookbook states, is that this cheesecake is a lot lighter. it’s very spongy and airy. It’s also not as sweet. Anyhow, it makes a really nice afternoon tea snack.

You can see how airy and spongy this cheesecake is.
Photo Oct 14, 3 29 28 PM

Japanese Cheesecake
Photo Oct 14, 3 31 24 PM
Photo Oct 14, 3 31 32 PM

I also differed from the original recipe, since I used a raspberry, instead of apricot, jam. I wouldn’t suggest doing what I did. As you can see below, it kind of looks a bit weird and didn’t glaze over very well.
Photo Oct 14, 3 29 34 PM

In addition to my cheesecake, Ray made tamagoyaki. We had a test run of it last time he was over, but it was no where as good as this run. I also have no idea how he did it. He said he followed some recipe and deviated from it by adding a bit of dashi. At any rate, it turned out quite good.

Tamagoyaki by itself.
Photo Oct 14, 3 49 11 PM
Tamagoyaki, which is a type of Japanese omelet, is kind of different from most omelets I’ve had. Ray’s was both sweet and savory, which was very interesting. The addition of the dashi also added some (I hate using this word) “umami” flavors — basically made it more savory.

It also goes well with some fresh basil
Photo Oct 14, 3 21 33 PM

And some bulldog sauce
Photo Oct 14, 3 49 38 PM


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