Someone said Elizabeth was like Alinea gone camping…

Or rather it was that Elizabeth was like “Alinea gone on a camping trip”.

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been wanting to write about Elizabeth for a long time and didn’t want to update until I had. Unfortunately, life, hurricanes, work got in the way. I also didn’t want to half-ass this entry so I waited until I could give it my full attention. Anyways…

Elizabeth was excellent. I went there as a part of four, and got the Deer Menu. I didn’t end up getting the pairings but was able to sip some from other people’s glasses in my party. (Buying drink pairings just for myself seems a bit pointless, and in greater likelihood will probably ruin the evening for me.)

But, the meal wasn’t ruined by any means (since I did not get the drink pairings). Instead, it was quite awesome. I didn’t know foraging and vegetables could be so exciting. (Usually, its the fat, lard, and sugar that excite me)

Stepping into Eizabeth, as Iliana Regan intended, feels like walking into Chef Regan’s own home. The walls are austere but, the decor brings thoughts of the woodsy folk to the mind.
2012-10-10 19.50.28
As you can see, Elizabeth knows no pretension. Just the goodness of a well-cooked meal.

The kitchen (in the background) is also open, so it really is like someone cooking up dinner for you in their home. (No direct photo of the kitchen. I was really tempted, but thought it might be a little weird. Next time I’ll just admit to being the silly fangirl that I am.)
2012-10-10 19.50.50

This was the log center piece
2012-10-10 19.52.20
2012-10-10 19.52.35
It’s covered in Rye breadstick twigs.

Enough about the surroundings, let’s get on to the real food.

The amuse bouche was a Huckleberry Pie juice.
2012-10-10 19.59.53
Don’t really remember too much of this anymore, except that it was light and refreshing. I guess that’s the problem with writing about it so long after it’s happened.:c

But on the other hand, if you can still remember it after a month, then it must have been good right?

Round Pancake. More like, round puff of choux pastry filled with delicious warm gooeyness.
2012-10-10 20.15.41
2012-10-10 20.16.10
I think Chef Regan said it was a pancake, but I’m pretty sure it was warm choux pastry filled with custard and topped with powdered sugar.

Woodland Terrarium.
2012-10-10 20.22.31
2012-10-10 20.22.40
So I’ve been told that originally when they were coming up with this dish, it was to be suspended from a piece of string.

Queen Anne’s lace and carrots. The carrots were lightly cooked and had this sweetness and freshness to them. Lovely light little snack.
2012-10-10 20.34.29
2012-10-10 20.34.43
2012-10-10 20.35.49
I also thought it was beautifully plated.

Potato, black truffle, and twig
2012-10-10 20.47.25
2012-10-10 20.47.33
For some reason some of the most tasty dishes I’ve had have been potato dishes. This one reminded me a lot of the hot potato, cold potato that is served at Alinea. The potatoes have the consistency of a puree with a nice gooey poached quail egg in the middle. Of course the truffles also help.

And the twig part to the dish is a reference to the rye bread stick twigs seen earlier.
2012-10-10 20.48.33
I didn’t really think the bread stick added that much to the potato, but was yummy regardless.

Chanterelle, pine, and acorns.
2012-10-10 21.01.48
2012-10-10 21.01.55
When we were discussing the food, I think a few of the people in my party were really wowed by this dish. It’s true the chantrelles were really good, but I think I might have had too much of the pine, because there was just something kind of bitter in certain bites that I had that made it note so nice. However, the acorn puree (that brown painted stuff) was quite nutty and delish.

1 pill makes you larger. If you haven’t caught on to any of the Alice in Wonderland-ish influences or themes at Elizabeth, now would be a really obvious one.
2012-10-10 21.12.50
2012-10-10 21.12.45

In fact, they even played “1 pill makes you larger” on the stereo that was temporarily set in the middle of the table.
2012-10-10 21.13.59

And then we were served our tea.
2012-10-10 21.14.03
2012-10-10 21.14.09
…which was actually a mushroom soup. Very tasty.

So up until this point, most of the dishes had been good, but nothing mind blowing. The next dishes were in the mind blowing range.

Crab apples, hazelnuts, and frog legs. This was definitely one of my favorites. I didn’t know crab apples could be so good. Basically, this dish was a crab apple and hazel nut custard. Then add in a breaded and fried frog leg that is really juicy. Perfection. In addition, if you’re into your drinks, this was paired beautifully with a Bodegas Tradicion 30 Year Palo Cortado sherry, which costs $95/bottle. :c
2012-10-10 21.27.27
2012-10-10 21.28.36
This was really one of those dishes that makes you just want to curl up on a cold day and enjoy it. It’s one of those comforting dishes that you could eat over and over again. Unfortunately, my photos of this dish are not great.

Salmon cannoli, delicious salmon wrapped in radish and served with some yogurt.
2012-10-10 21.39.10
2012-10-10 21.39.24
Beautiful plating

Wild rice crispy. Exactly what it says.
2012-10-10 21.50.24

duck egg czernina. Duck, duck blood, and some Polish dumplings. It was very well done. The duck was perfectly cooked and seasoned and the dumplings were al dente and hearty.
2012-10-10 22.01.20
2012-10-10 22.01.13
This was another favorite dish within this meal. According to the server, this was a Polish dish that was served when a girl’s family rejected a potential suitor for her hand in marriage. Not a bad consolation prize.

Tree nest
2012-10-10 22.15.17
2012-10-10 22.15.44
It’s really hard to tell what it is and what I remember is that it was crunchy and crispy.

Deer tenderloin, celery root, and cabbage. Different ways of eating deer (tenderloin and sausage).
2012-10-10 22.25.12
2012-10-10 22.25.28
Chef Regan explained that this deer was given to her by a hunter friend and she saved it for this meal. Fresh venison.

Forest float. I think the juice is spruce.
2012-10-10 22.44.50

Black walnuts and sorghum
2012-10-10 22.56.38
2012-10-10 22.56.46
The candied walnuts and caramel sauce stole the show here.

And to finish

Porcini bites
2012-10-10 23.14.46
2012-10-10 23.14.58

Probably the highlights of the meal were the meat and foraged vegetable dishes.

Really quite a meal.
2012-10-10 23.20.40
Definitely go if you have a chance. I hear winter is coming.


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