Gorgeous views and afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental

I have lots of things I’ve been meaning to post. Including a post about dinner at Elizabeth. Unfortunately, this isn’t that post. This is something smaller, but also something I don’t want to forget to document.

The same weekend that I was in New York for dinner at Ryu, I met up with my younger brother, who’s all grown up and in his first year of college now. I wanted to meet up with him and just chat and catch up on life. (I find that this is more and more important the older I get, otherwise it’s just so easy to lose contact withe people.) So I thought afternoon tea would be a good idea.

I had been meaning to try doing tea at some fancy hotel for a while. Why not the Mandarin Oriental in Columbus Circle?

Can’t really complain too much. It’s a lovely place.
2012-09-23 14.46.56

With a nice view overlooking Central Park to match it.
Photo Sep 23, 2 38 43 PM
Photo Sep 23, 2 38 29 PM

At these types of places, I try not to expect too much from the teas, because lets face it, the tea isn’t all that special. Often times they’ll just have a few interesting blends or very generic types of nice quality tea. Nothing too special. But what you come to afternoon tea for is the accompanying finger food.
Photo Sep 23, 2 56 14 PM
(I’ve been meaning to buy one of these tiered plate stands.)

Who can say no to the warm scones with clotted cream and jam?
Photo Sep 23, 2 56 22 PM

The salmon roulade was a favorite for my brother.
Photo Sep 23, 2 56 27 PM

The curry chicken wasn’t too shabby either.
Photo Sep 23, 2 56 38 PM

But of course, my favorite parts will always be the sweets.
Photo Sep 23, 3 31 46 PM
Photo Sep 23, 3 32 02 PM
A dish piled high of assorted petit fours.


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