The problem with traveling: catching colds and dinner at Ryu

Just more or less recovered from a cold that lasted about a week. That’s the problem with traveling. You’re stuck in a closed contained spaces with numerous strangers and, as a result, get exposed to whatever germs they may carry. That, and the fact that traveling is tiring, you get sick. :/

But, when you’re sick you’ve got to take care of yourself right?

Like taking a sick day to recover. I took my first sick day of my work life last Thursday. (During which I slept for half the day, ordered delivery, read On Food and and Cooking and watched netflix.)
2012-09-27 13.54.05
I was watching Hellboy. I’ve got a real soft spot for fantasty and Del Toro.

And lighting some candles to feel a bit pampered.
2012-09-26 19.14.00
This past week I’ve also used my space heater and humidifier whenever I’m home.

Two weekends ago I was in New York. It was a really nice weekend filled with events, so quite exciting. But, it’s probably where I caught my cold.

Saturday in New York we went to watch Cyrano de Bergerac at the American Airlines Theatre. Do go see if you have a soft spot for french plays. It was a really well done production. Clemence Posey of Harry Potter fame is Roxane. She’s really quite good and, for once, I liked her Roxane. Previously when I read the play in high school and watched the movie, I really hated Roxane. She was always that book-smart but shallow female love interest, but Posey’s Roxane is something else. She’s actually interesting, and you start to see more character development from Posey’s Rozane. Douglas Hodge as Cyrano de Bergerac isn’t bad either. Although, this version of Cyrano is a lot more frenzied and crass. It’s not a bad thing, but I was surprised by it.

After Cyrano, we had a lot of time to kill because I had messed up our original dinner reservations for Ryu, so we had to do a really late night dinner at 10 PM. However, it was worth it.

Ryu actually turned out to be one of the better tasting menus I’ve had in a while.

Let me explain. I had originally gotten the reservation because I had a GiltCity to Ryu for a 7 course tasting. I bought the GiltCity, because the description was really well written (you really know how to sell me Gilt). After purchasing and then looking at some information on the restaurant and reading reviews I immediately had really bad buyer’s remorse.

I had really really really low expectations of Ryu. Mainly because it’s owned by Scott Disick, the kind of douchebag-looking boyfriend of one of the reality tv Kardashians. Huge huge turn-off. But lo and behold, Ryu defied my expectations. The food was exceptional. The ambiance was of one of those really hip places, which doesn’t mean much to me, but got kind of too loud at times, but at least the DJ and I have similar music preferences.
Photo Sep 22, 9 22 51 PM
They gave us a bottle of Black and Gold sake to start. The bottle is really pretty. We saved it as a little memory.

Black and gold sake is really smooth. So smooth that when the server comes around to fill your glass to the top you start to lose track of how much you’ve drunk for the night. (Subtext: I broke my rule of not drinking too much with food, and it had horrible horrible consequences later that night, being very sick with my face in a bag.)

I actually don’t have too many usable photos because it was so dark there. But, I will share what I do have.
Photo Sep 22, 9 23 53 PM
Oyster shooter with yuzu ice. Refreshing amuse bouche to open the palate.

Photo Sep 22, 9 32 31 PM
I think this was a hamachi with ponzu and cherry tomatoes. Not bad not bad.

Then courses of the meal carried on with things like tuna
Photo Sep 22, 9 41 28 PM
The tuna was a tad on the salty side, but not bad.

Then followed by a lobster soba.
Photo Sep 22, 9 52 50 PM
Really crappy photo. I am so sorry. But the lobster soba was pretty good. Nice buttery lobster on lightly seasoned soba.

But the real stars of the meal were probably the later course.

Things like this:
Photo Sep 22, 10 04 02 PM
Really fatty pork belly. It literally melts in your mouth because such a high percentage of this cut was just fat. Not gross greasy I-feel-bad-about-myself (well maybe you will afterwards, who knows) fatty pork belly, but the delicious type.

Also on this list should be the last fish course we had. It was some sort of roasted white fish was buttery, well-seasoned and just really tender but cooked through. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture. I think it actually beat the swordfish dish at Next: Sicily.

After that was this delicious wagyu with corn.
Photo Sep 22, 10 41 54 PM
I was so full at this point, but couldn’t stop eating. Againg, Ryu, not bad not bad.

And dessert didn’t disappoint either.
Photo Sep 22, 10 53 49 PM
Not bad not bad.


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