More Japanese places: Kinokuniya, the little bookstore

I mentioned Kinokuniya in my last post. In this post, I want to share more about what’s inside. Located across the street from Bryant Park, Kinokuniya has lots of things inside.

Of course, since it’s a Japanese bookstore, the majority of the books they carry are in Japanese. And while I may know very little Japanese, it doesn’t stop me from browsing.
2012-07-07 17.20.00
2012-07-07 17.19.14
Take you pick of manga!

And you even find things that don’t require any language.
2012-07-07 17.10.12
(Being a cat owner, I love Maru.)

Upstairs on the second floor next to the Cafe Zaiya, is a little section of the room that sells handmade goods, including ties, wallets, tea plates, scarves, etc.
2012-07-07 17.16.16
I was really taken by some of the craftsmanship on these products.

Down in the basement, you’ll find office supplies
2012-07-07 17.46.45
2012-07-07 17.50.33
And those really fine-tipped pens. I have a bunch from Muji already so I haven’t yet bought any from Kinokuniya.

And finally, interesting people seem to come and go from this shop as well.
2012-07-07 17.31.12


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