Wagashi: A taste of Japanese confectionery

This past weekend in NYC I went back to two places that I’ve enjoyed visiting because of their uniqueness. One is Minamoto Kitchoan, and the other is Kinokuniya.. (I’ll write about Kinokuniya in my next post.)

Minamoto Kitchoan is this small Japanese sweets shop that deals in traditional Japanese (but more generally Asian) confectionery, also known as wagashi. This includes your daifukus, mochis, dorayakis, etc. I found they also have Chinese moon cakes and adorable rabbit-shaped cakes.

They also switch out their stock for seasonality, so some things you find in the summer, and some things you find in the fall.

They’re displays are all set up in a (I want to say “Asian” sort-of-way) very traditional way. I think Ray said it was kind of surreal walking into the store.
2012-07-25 12.30.28
2012-07-25 12.30.23

But the displays are really neatly put together.
2012-07-25 12.26.51

And of course, they put it all together in a neat little package.
2012-07-25 13.50.352012-07-25 13.51.21
I bought a bunch of these back in the summer and don’t even remember what everything was. Of course the sakuramochi is easy, but the rest of the names I’ve forgotten.

2012-07-25 13.55.28
Sakura mochi, surprisingly has a salty exterior, which I did not expect. But It’s still pretty good if you like your traditional Asian sweets

I don’t remember what this one was called. I think it was heitai-something. It’s kind of like Taiyaki, but baked. The inside is red bean.
2012-07-25 13.57.45
2012-07-25 13.58.22

There’s also this ridiculously priced Jelly.
Photo Sep 22, 6 13 20 PM
It’s peach flavored. In the ways of Jelly, we agreed that its probably one of the best out there, but I don’t know if I’d pay $12 USD for it again.

Photo Sep 22, 6 15 41 PM
Does this look like 12 dollar Jelly?


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